Episode 1: It’s A Wedding Y’all


AndersMill Knits Podcast Episode 1: It’s A Wedding Y’all


  • Emily
  • Live in Portland Area
  • Originally from Alaska & still consider that my home.
  • Counselor – Just graduated this year with a Masters in Clinical Counseling
  • Engaged to a wonderful man – knickname “my guy” always see my #lovebird selfies each week on instagram
    • Getting married in November!!!!
  • Intro to Watson my pup hashtag #watson on instagram.
  • Been a knitter since I was 21 – mom attempted to teach me when younger but she was never a knitter herself so we always lost interest. – Knitting bandages story
  • Why I started the podcast: I’ve been an avid podcast listener and viewer for many years, my favorite will always be Knit 1 Heart too with Wendy and Sheila they are very near and dear to my heart.
    • So many out there but wanted to try my hand at something new and creative and see how it goes.
    • Plan on podcasting every other week for now.
  • How the podcast is set up: using counselor terms for the different segments:
    • Review Notes (week in review)
    • In Session (works in Progress)
    • Case Notes (Finished Projects)
    • Treatment Planning (needle adjacent projects)
    • In my Tool Box (Acquisitions)
    • Consultation (little blurb around counseling)

Review Notes

  • I lost my job last month and the same day learned I have diabetes type 2. Not the greatest day in my memory but turned out to be a very good thing indeed.
  • Started a new job this week as a behavioral consultant
  • Additional job interviews for a second job

In Session

  • My Wedding Shawl: Heliotaxis Pi Shawl By Renata Brenner. using Knit Purl glow lace in the candle colorway. Needles: Signiture #3. Mixed reviews on these – the join.
  • Socks for my wonderful mentor Wendy –Monkey Socks by Cookie A. on the second sock using Missbabs Yummy sock base colorway Tulipa that I got on a work trip to Chicago many moons ago. That was a fun trip, work but also play as my mom was with me. Knitting on size 1 us needles magic looping.
  • I have a couple sweaters on the go and about to cast on for another one. But the first one is Timeless Henley by Joji Locatelli Using Dream in Color Smooshy in the Juliette’s Blush Colorway. Using US size 3 needles on my Hiya Hiya interchangeable set – Love these needles!!! Cast on for the Grocery girls Joji along but things got crazy in my life super quick and I needed to refocus on other things. But this will get done as I want this for this winter!
  • The second sweater is kind of a shame knit for me. I cast this on back in 2013, knit the back and the ribbing for the front and never touched it again until this summer. Was working on trying to finish it for Stash Dash but there’s another fail. Lewis by Jamie A Besel from Knitty fall 2013. It’s a fingering weight sweater knit on US size 4 needles knit in Cascade 220 fingering in dark green colorway #9429 and a plum colorway (can’t find ball band).
  • Knitting another pair of mindless socks. Just my regular cuff down, 60 sts with a the fish lips kiss heal, on size #1 needles (thinking I need to go down to a 0) – using Opal from their Paradies line colorway 8841 (?)
  • Finally my Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl by Paula Emons-Fuessie from the Knitter Pipeline Podcast. Knitting this on size 6 us needles from yarns that I knit up shawls for my sisters and mom last year for Christmas. The idea is that we would all be connected no matter where in the world we are if we have these shawls. Cheesy I know. Not sure I like how the colors are blending.


Case Notes

  • I have HO on the Monkey Socks by Cookie A. need to weave in ends. Hope to have the pair finished super quick as it’s ridiculous how long it is taking me to knit these!


Treatment Planning

  • Wedding sweater: Cecila by Elin Berglund. Using Hedgehog Fibers in the Monarch colorway. Havent swatched yet but pattern calls for size US #1.5 needles. – not sure I actually have a pair of those.
    • I’m getting married in the snow, in Alaska, in November. As much as I love my dress I don’t want to be shivering so much I can’t repeat my vows so decided I needed a sweater.
  • Wedding socks – I haven’t picked these out yet so if anyone has a suggestion please let me know. I was thinking the Blueberry waffles socks by Sandy Turner. They just look so comfy and cosey! Torn between 2 colorways I have in stash: Lolo Did it in the Pretty Young thing colorway or Sincere Sheep Cushy Doppio in the Spring Blossums colorway (Cashmere!) My guy has a pair of socks I knit him last winter that he has yet to wear and I am going to make him wear them at the wedding! Lol – show socks
  • My dog is going to be the ring bearer as he is incredibly important to both of us. So this means he needs a bowtie ofcoarse! Knitting him the Bow Tie by the knit picks design team. From Jill Draper Makes Stuff in her Esopus base – fingering colorway Sapphire.
  • Going to knit my guy a tie our of this as well as this is his color for the wedding – Again haven’t picked a pattern and may just go off the cuff. I am thinking to use the linen stitch for this.
  • After all the wedding knitting my reward is going to be On the Spice Market by Melanie Berg. I am going to use this gorgeous mini set from my favorite local dyer: Three fates Yarns. The main body will be this Black Trillium fingering weight in the Mousetail colorway.
  • My guys son is entering the military this next month. I knit him a hat for Christmas this last year and now he has requested that I knit him a pair of socks. We raided my stash and he picked Lion Brand Sock-Ease in the Toffee colorway. I have 2 skeins of 438 yards each so I was thinking of knitting him some boot socks.
  • Also My Guys mother has requested that a scarf this year…I hate knitting scarfs, but it is his mother so, sigh, I will do it. No official plans or yarn picked out for that yet.


In My Tool Box

  • The colors for my wedding I guess would be classified as English garden. The inspiration came from a gradient kit I got from Leading Men Fiber arts in the Just Peachy Gradient this last year. Ironically the kit is not being used in the wedding as I can’t bring myself to use this gorgeousness just yet. But I have that.
  • I bought the Jill Draper Makes Stuff this last week as I do not have dark blues in my stash lol
  • I bought myself a birthday present in July – a 3 month club membership to Quaere Fibers self striping club. I’ve received 2 of the 3 shipments and I love them both!
    • I6 Pop which came with a mini of Q3
    • Heirloom Carrots
  • Finally I wanted to share a purchase I made earlier this summer when I got caught in a torrential rain storm in the LYS in Silverton called Apples to Oranges. A wonderful shop full of unique and local dyers along with tea. I spent a good hour in there the shop owner fed me complimentary tea to warm me up and I reveled in my forced yarn store shopping lol. Fell down the rabbit hole and bought PDX Carpet colorway from Knitted Wit in the Victory sock base. I am not from Portland I don’t get the fascination with the old carpet from the airport but it’s there. And I think my brother, who was born to be a Portlandian should have this for his birthday in December – socks no doubt.



I want to preface this to say that this is not a counseling session. If you are experiencing symptoms of emotional distress please consult your doctor or make an appointment with a counselor in your area.

I wanted to touch on a few counseling subjects throughout this podcast. It might not be a regular spotlight but when the muse grabs me then I will speak a little about it. Feel free to email me and ask me to speak on a subject you are interested in just know that I am not going to talk actual case notes as that is unethical. However I can speak in more general terms.

First me as a counselor: I am a person centered, strength based counselor. This means that I believe that the client is the expert in their lives. I may have the tools and counseling based knowledge to help guide but the client is in the driver’s seat. Each session is as much a learning/experience for me as it is for my clients. I am also Strength based which means that I look at an individuals strengths and use them to work with my client in creating a fuller, richer life of healing.

Today I want to talk about Self Care.

Self Care is how we take care of ourselves, the means by which we recharge our batteries. Some people find that when they drive to work they listen to Pop music and sing at the top of their lungs; others listen to NPR or an audio book. Some find that there moment of “om” comes from sitting down with a nice strong cup of coffee from Starbucks or Dutch Brothers.

Until recently my om moments came from a good can of Mountain Dew – but now with the diabetes I am altering my diet (boy I miss that stuff)!

My self-care comes in many different forms but the main ones are these: Daily walks with my pup, knitting, and snuggling up to my guy. Additionally I have found that talking to my family at least weekly is a must for me.

I have had a lot of upheavals and struggles over the past month to three months, and I really fell down on my self-care until recently. There is a change in mood, in the ability to manage emotions and struggles that comes when you take the time for self care. I am not saying that it is the means to the best and most healthy life but it is a start.

I wonder what you all do for self-care?






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