Episode 4: Wanderings & Meanderings

Hello Everybody and welcome back to another episode of AndersMill Knits!


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This weeks episode is late and I greatly apologize for that and I hope that you bare with me over the coming month as podcasting may be a bit sporadic.

So let’s get started shall we?!

This week we have a shortened version of the podcast (though you wouldn’t know it from the length lol). Segments include:

  1. Review Notes
  2. In Session
  3. And a bit of Consultation thrown into the Review Notes area (just to confuse you a bit more).

Review Notes

So much has happened over the last few weeks here’s a short run down:

  • Traveled 3 days out of each week for work all over the Oregon coast line and rural counties.
  • Taught four lovely ladies how to knit.
  • Moved/combined households of my fiance and me, and
  • Went to the movies twice! that was awesome we saw the Princess Bride one week and Goonies the next.

Here are some pictures from my travels (they are also in the episode).


In case you haven’t noticed I love graveyards lol.

In Session

Nothings really changed this week guys…I’m sorry maybe I’ve bitten off more then I can chew for this wedding knitting but I am determined to keep going.

Knit or Die!

  • By the Bed Socls. Just my regular cuff down, 60 sts with a the fish lips kiss heal, on size #1 needles (thinking I need to go down to a 0) – using Opal from their Paradies line colorway 8841 (?)
  • Bow Tie by the Knit Picks Team. Yarn: Jill Draper Makes Stuff Esopus in the Sap[hire colorway.  Needles: Knitters Pride on size 1US/2.25mm –this is the bow tie that my dog will be wearing at the wedding in his official capacity of ring bearer.
  • The Wedding Necktie by Susan B. Anderson Yarn: Quince and Company chickadee in the peacoat colorway (this is the exact yarn and color that Susan used in her pattern). Knitting needles: Addi dpns 5us/3.25mm. This will be the tie that My Guy wears at the wedding. Using his favorite tie as a model. The amazing hotpinksocks gave me this lead and I am eternally grateful to her for it as everything about this pattern is perfection for the yarn choice to the designer (who doesn’t love Susan?) it is all just perfect!
  •  Wedding sweater: Cecila by Elin Berglund. Knit up three swatches one in the hedgehog fibers monarch colorway and two in Sweet Georgia Yarn Tough Love Sock in the Passionfruit colorway. Unfortunately the hedgehog fibers got gauge but the lace was lost in the colorway. Haven’t gotten gauge with the Sweet Georgia yarn but the stitch definition is amazing. I plan on knitting the body on size 2us needles and the ribbing on 1.5 or 1us.
  • Wedding Socks: Blueberry waffles socks by Sandy Turner turned the heel on the first sock. Used my Lolo Did it in the Pretty Young thing colorway with the contrasting mini skein of the aqua blue that came with it. The heals are knit from some of my yarn from when I was dying. I have a bunch of little shop samples I sent out to potential shops and so I caked up my favorite of these: Salmon Run colorway and knit the heal. Have just  enough in one shop sample to knit one heal.


And that is all folks! See you next time!


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