2017 Focus on Living Intentionally

As the New Year approaches I have been contemplating what I would like my focus to be for my daily living. I am not a resolution kind of gal. I find that resolutions feel binding to me in such a way that I feel a weight of responsibility that is unneeded and often times shaming … Continue reading 2017 Focus on Living Intentionally


Episode 7: Stockings Galore

https://youtu.be/L1FB8Jv6YVk Hello Everybody and welcome back to another episode of AndersMill Knits! Introduction: Emily Akamillie on Ravelry Akamillie907 on instagram Ravelry group: AndersMill Knits Podcast Case Notes I have 15 days of my 24 days of sock ornaments done! I have ended up using a free pattern off of Raevelry : Mini Christmas Stocking Ornaments … Continue reading Episode 7: Stockings Galore