Episode 9: I love to be beside the seaside!



  • Host: Emily
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    • Ravelry group: AndersMill Knits Podcast

Review Notes

Before I get going on the tales of the last few weeks I do want to point out a few things for the group on ravelry.

  • I was taken completely aback by the prices for international shipping! As a result I will still be offering prizes for international winners of the KAL’s however they will be taking the form of pattern gifts on Ravelry. Any patter(s) up to $10 will be gifted in loo of the physical prize for all international winners from this point on.
  • Anybody up for a virtual knit night? I was thinking we could have a Google Hang out and all gather together while spanning the globe!

Enough of that though…On to the stories!

This last week we had a big snow storm here in Oregon….Well big for Oregon anyway. Some areas got up to a couple feet of snow I hear. A lot of people were out of work due to the weather, my husband included. Since I work from home, when I am not out seeing clients, I was able to keep on trucking though.


By the end of day one it was very apparent that my guy would not be going back to work that week so he surprised me by getting us a weekend away at the beach! He booked us a lovely room in Seaside that is right on the beach and it was so restful and peaceful I never wanted to leave.

We explored the beaches, laughing, holding hands and chasing the waves. We even found eight whole sand dollars as souvenirs! I had never found even one complete sand dollar in my life and here was the land of plenty!

Oh and the food! We ate, and we ate and we ATE! But the best by far was my Caprisi salad with heirloom tomatoes Yum!


The day we returned home we drove through Astoria a town that has fascinated me for many years. I have longed to go there, however when people ask me why I find myself flumaxed. Why do I want to go there? Honestly its the experience of it all.

We were only able to have a few blissful hours in Astoria on Sunday but those few hours cemented my love for this small port town. I have been promised that we will spend an entire weekend exploring this area in the near future and boy is there a lot to explore!

Here are a few snap shots of our time there.

Case Notes

  • My  Jella Hat is done! I completed this bad boy in record time! The yarns are: Dancing Dog Dyworks in the Sugar Plum Fairy Colorway and the Twist Sock Plus base and Tumbleweed yarn in the Acapulco Lite colorway on the Aubrey-fingering weight base.
  • Not to toot my own horn, but I completed my   Pure Joy Shawl by Joji Locatelli! This was not the funnest of knits for me however I will say that I knit with intention on this (the intention of having the finished object!) and I am happy I ploughed through it. This will be beautiful after blocking and I know it will go with everything in my wardrobe so I anticipate it being a stable piece for me. I am using one of my favorite yarns Ella Rea Lace Marino Fingering in colorways LM-56 and LM-67 which are these gorgeous peachy pink and navy blue colors.

In Session

  • Hold your breath everybody…I have all but a toe of the second sock done on my husbands By the Bed socks! I am using 54 stitches and a 1.25 mm needle. Yarn is Online Supersocke in the Vorias colorway.
  • I’ve knit a whole 2 rows on my Lewis Sweater. We haven’t visited with this one in quite a while so let’s recap: I cast this on back in 2013, knit the back and the ribbing for the front and never touched it again until this summer. Was working on trying to finish it for Stash Dash but there’s another fail. Lewis by Jamie A Besel from Knitty fall 2013. It’s a fingering weight sweater knit on US size 4 needles knit in Cascade 220 fingering in dark green colorway #9429 and a plum colorway (can’t find ball band). I intend to put a lot of focus on this sweater in the coming weeks and hopefully ahve it done!
  • I also bit the bullet and cast on the Find Your Fade shawl. As they say, I drank the cool aid. I do love the colors I picked out from my scraps and stash though.


In the ToolBox

The one big purchase I made these last two weeks was a doozie. But It’s okay y’all I had gift cards to cover it! I bought myself the Knitter’s Pride Melodies of Life Interchangeable Needle Set from Amazon these babies knit like butta! Very happy with my purchase.


In the next few days I will be posting a special blog about my Knitting Intentions for the year so keep an eye out for that!


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