Episode 10: Well That Was Short!



  • Host: Emily
    • Akamillie on Ravelry
    • Akamillie907 on instagram
    • Ravelry group: AndersMill Knits Podcast

Review Notes

Unfortunately not much to report this time round guys! The last two weeks have been filled with work and house hold chores, with a few walks with my fellas thrown in but that’s about it! nothing exciting to share…

Oh except this. My husbands car gave up the ghost, as it were, last week and so we hurried and found him a new car. He is in love with his new “baby” and has put all sorts of rules around it like, no eating in the car, and blankets down to protect the seats from the dog. LOL it’s like he knows how messy I am!

Case Notes

  • Finally completed the second sock done on my husbands By the Bed socks! I am using 54 stitches and a 1.25 mm needle. Yarn is Online Supersocke in the Vorias colorway.
  • Cast on, and off, the Gidday Baby Sweater by Georgia Hallam which is a free pattern on Ravelry from an Australian Designer. Using Loops and Threads Snuggly Wuggly Big! yarn bought at Micheals. it is 100% acrylique and boy howdy can you tell!

In Session

  • Still working on my the Find Your Fade shawl. Unfortunately the baby sweater railroaded me and I have not made much progress on this.
  • Cast on a “while in the car” socks for my step son who requested these socks months ago. I cast on 64 stitches on US size 1 needles. I intend for these to be a lot longer in the leg so I am decreasing to 60 stitch after knitting 3″ of cuff. I am thinking I will knit a 8-10″ cuff before moving on to the heal. Again no pattern just my standard vanilla Sock.
  • Knit and re-knit the sleeve…I will conquer this one! I cast this on back in 2013, knit the back and the ribbing for the front and never touched it again until this summer. Was working on trying to finish it for Stash Dash but there’s another fail. Lewis by Jamie A Besel from Knitty fall 2013. It’s a fingering weight sweater knit on US size 4 needles knit in Cascade 220 fingering in dark green colorway #9429 and a plum colorway (can’t find ball band). I intend to put a lot of focus on this sweater in the coming weeks and hopefully have it done!

In the ToolBox

  • Only bought the one thing this last week: the yarn for the baby sweater. It is Loops and Threads Snuggly Wuggly Big! yarn bought at Micheals. it is 100% acrylique and like I stated above can you tell!

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