Episode 11: Years in the Making


  • Host: Emily
    • Akamillie on Ravelry
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    • Ravelry group: AndersMill Knits Podcast

Review Notes

Welcome Everyone!  The last two weeks have been a blur of activity and yet not….How to explain.

Two weekends ago My fella took me on a day trip to downtown Portland where we visited the Central Library. I had been wanting to go ever since I moved here but never seemed to find the time (Okay so I was also afraid to go exploring downtown Portland on my own)… I am so glad we went! The building was beautiful with new and exciting details everywhere you looked. For instance I was captivated by the carpet of all things! each floor had a variation on the theme of roses (Portland being the Rose City). I was so captivated in fact that I took a few snap shots of it lol. For example:

Beautiful right?!

There were little nooks and cranies everywhere. Places where you could “spy” on those on a lower floor and carvings gracing column after column.

The library is reported to be the longest running library west of the Mississippi River. Quite the accomplishment! We left with a stack of books and a promise to return and investigate it’s hallowed halls again soon.

That weekend also found us ticking off things on my “honey do” list, like hanging the curtains I bought back in November, cleaning out the fireplace, and snuggle time while we watched movies.

This last weekend started off rocky. I had a strange reaction to my new diabetes medication. Luckily my fella was home from work as there was freezing rain and it was to dangerous to travel. We checked my blood glucose levels, which appeared normal, had an Oreo just to be safe and called the advice nurse who asked me to come in and be checked out further. We then spent the next 5 hours at the doctors office doing test after test, including an EKG. I was pretty scared however the team took good care of me and I was advised to go home and rest. I did exactly that, sleeping for the next 11 hours almost clear through! I woke up the next morning feeling much more rested.

We played it safe though and remained home all weekend, which gave me the chance to graft the pieces oimg_2540f my sweater together and watch the Superbowl. During that time I also wound up 30 mini skeins of yarn from leftovers I had lying around. each was 8-9 grams. A knitting friend of mine and I are doing a mini swap and the Superbowl provided a great venue to wind them up! In the end it was really a nice, relaxed and calm weekend for which I am grateful as this week has been crazy with work projects.

Well enough chit chat! on to the Knitting!

Case Notes

  • Guess what is done! that’s right my Lewis sweater by Jamie A Besel! The pattern is from Knitty fall 2013. This sweater wanted to do me in. My left hand was hurting so much from all the purling that I finally had to teach myself a new way to purl just to give myself some relief! I am very happy I did though. I purl in an awkward way normally and I feel like the new method is more ergonomically friendly.  I spent the afternoon and evening on Saturday grafting everything together and knitted up the collar during the Superbowl.  It’s a fingering weight sweater knit on US size 4 needles knit in Cascade 220 fingering in dark green colorway #9429 and a plumimg_2537 colorway (can’t find ball band).
  • Not knitting related but still in the crafting realm: I sewed up two lumbar pillows for myself suing long pieces of scrap fabric that I just jerry rigged together. I’ve been sleeping on one of them every night since and my back pain is a thing of the past!

In Session

  • I have continued working on my the Find Your Fade shawl. I’ve gotten past the first lace repeat and am just now adding in my second colorway. Exciting!
  • I turned the heel on my  “while in the car” socks for my step son. Just to recap: I cast on 64 stitches on US size 1 needles. I am decreasing to 60 stitch after knitting the heel. Again no pattern just my standard vanilla Sock.

In the ToolBox

  • This week I got some new goodies to share! All these indie dyers are posting Valentines colorways and I guess I am feeling the love vibe. I couldn’t resist ordering two skeins The Creative Obsession. I got:
    • Date Night and
    • Will Ewe Be Mine

She also hosts a podcast on you tube aptly named the Creative Obsession.


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