Episode 12: Madrona For the Win!

Part 1: All the Ramblings

Part 2: Knitting Goodness



  • Host: Emily
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Review Notes

Okay I promised Stephanie of hotpinksocks fame that I would mention this lol: she and I did a little mini swap so that we could work on some scrappy blankets. I have plans to do the hexipuff blanket….anyway in the package that I sent her I also included some little goodies, one of which sent her over the moon.

I have been on the look out for a goof tea brand that I like. before Christmas I came across Harney and Sons on Amazon and was immediately enthralled by their flavors. I ordered three different flavors that moment and one of which has become a favorite in our household. The Hot Cinnamon Spice is delicious! It’s tangy and sweet at the same time. Plus cinnamon helps to calm an upset stomach, promote intestine health and regulate your blood sugar levels all of which are a win with me right now. We tend to drink a cup of this almost every night.

So this was one of the goodies I sent to Hotpinksocks and she fell in love and asked that I share the tea with you all on the podcast;)

Now, in case you all missed it, my lovely fella took me to the Madrona Fiber Festival this last weekend up in Tacoma WA. I had such an amazing time! We went just for the marketplace and that was fine and dandy with me, though I hear there were some amazing teachers at the event as well.

Before I entered the marketplace I made myself two promises 1) that I would visit every booth once before I made any purchases, and 2) that I would stick to my budget that I had set aside for this event. I am happy to say that I was successful on both counts but let me tell you it was hard! I’ll save the list of lovely goodies for the Toolbox section though:)

I came away with so many lovely goodies, but more then that I met some really amazing folks and I hope I made some connections that will last a lifetime.

I met independent dyers, a mill owner, the designer and makers of the Hansen minispinner, a sheep farmer, and ran into one of the very first fiber friends I made when I moved to Oregon three in a half years ago.

I entered the market place rather nervous. I came with my husband as I don’t have local knitting friends to speak of, and so I didn’t know a soul at the event. When we left I felt so much connection and warmth to be a part of the community that I am in. Now I will say that a lot of the connection was because I reached outside of my comfort zone and spoke to people. I am an extrovert and so that comes naturally to me. My husband is an introvert and he does not speak to others when he is out and about, it just doesn’t cross his mind. I know there are a lot of people out there, especially in the knitting community that are like this and for those, the fiber events may be a lonely enterprise so I would encourage all of the extroverts to reach outside of ourselves to others and make those connections. They are so worthwhile!

On Sunday we traveled down to Washington’s  state capital and toured the capitol building. We were surprised to find it open and free to the public to tour. We had a great time. The architecture was astounding, we found ourselves constantly pausing to admire carvings, statues, and wall paintings.

When I was a girl and my family would travel to different states, we had a tradition that we would collect the pressed and imprinted pennies from the each stop. I do not know what happened to all those treasures over the years but I was reminded of those great memories when we found a penny machine in the basement of the capitol building. My guy and I felt like giddy children and we selected our image, put our coins in the machine and cranked out a shiny, newly pressed and imprinted penny. I believe I will start up that tradition again and this time I will be keeping the coins in a treasure box for safe keeping.

After touring the state capitol we made our way down to a new friends farm in Washington. Cathy is the very talented dyer behind Interpid Otter Yarns. I have been a great admirer of her for a good many years and have been blessed to become friends with her via the internet. Cathy invited us out to her place and took us on an impromptu tour of her dye studio as well as the farm. I fell in love with her sheep and lambs!

Everyone had been sheared the day before and so Cathy was keeping a close eye on them. They were all so friendly and easy going and you could see the connection she had with her animals immediately. Cathy was very generous and allowed me to assist in feeding the lambs and sheep, which really meant that I greedily grabbed handfuls of the pellets and held out my hands to invite the sheep to feed from my palms. In this way I met many a lamb cooing and petting them to my hearts content. Ahhh to have some land and a few sheep of my own!

I plan on coming back to Cathy’s farm as often as I can to frolic with the sheep….oh and have great conversations with Cathy and her amazing family, as often as she will allow.


Case Notes

  • I finished my “while in the car” socks for my step son. Just to recap: I cast on 64 stitches on US size 1 needles. I am decreasing to 60 stitch after knitting the heel. Again no pattern just my standard vanilla Sock. i just can’t stand this yarn. It’s all about the color. I thought I could handle it for awhile but by sock number two I just couldn’t do it anymore! I still have another skein of it left and that will be going into a prize drawing, swap, or giveaway very soon.


In Session

  • I have continued working on my the Find Your Fade shawl. I’ve gotten past the first lace repeat and am just now adding in my second colorway. Exciting!
  • My friend hotpinksocks and I joined in the KAL for the the My Heart Mitts Kall on Raverly. I was going to try and use a self striping rainbow yarn but I want to use these pretty often so opted for a subtler variation. I plan on knitting both the mitts and the hat. I have never had a matching set before and what could be greater then one that showcases love?!
  • I needed another mindless knit for the drive to Madrona so I cast on some of my hoarded stash of Fibernymph Dyeworks self striping yarn in purples and teals. I had no recipient in mind I just longed to cast on some self stripping so I did. I love it! It is in her sparkly base which makes my child heart sing, and the colors are so soothing that I find myself anticipating working on them more and more. I finished sock number one on the drive, inserting some pink yarn from the above mitts for the heal and toe and have cast on the second sock. I still have no idea who they are for, though I have a few name percolating in my head. I am calling these my Madrona or Bust socks.

In the ToolBox

So much to talk about! Let’s start with a little item I got in the mail and then move on to the Madrona haul shall we?

I have been researching alternate methods of knitting as my hands and elbows have been hurting of late. As luck would have it Rachel Frank started up a new podcast and I have been watching every week. She used to host a podcast a few years ago and I was a loyal viewer back then and I fully intend to be with her new podcast, the Furry Knitter, as well.

Rachel has a wonderful story of trial and triumph regarding her knitting journey and I highly recommend you go over and learn about it for yourself.  Rachel has learned a new way of knitting, well it’s actually a very very old method of knitting but new to her, called Portuguese knitting.

Rachel uses the pin method and I plan on doing the same, so I went out and found some pins, off of Amazon and Etsy and I have great plans to begin learning this method for myself.

On to the Madrona Haul…


  • Like I mentioned earlier I met so many wonderful people, one of which is the owner of a mill. Lydia of Abundant Earth Fiber and her husband were so friendly and their yarns! so lushess, soft and squishable! I had to get myself two skeins of her Josef and Anni base as well as some of her mill ends. Then she surprised me and gave me a skein of her ridiculously delicious Sacred Ground to give away to one lucky viewer!!!! Keep an eye out for that in the near future!
  • My husband fell in love with the bases from Wool Folk. So light and airy and though the fiber is Merino, it feels like cashmere. We splurged and bought three skeins of the Far base in colorway 11 (deep navy blue), and one skein of Far in colorway 12 (a rich plumy red). My fella has asked that I make him some house socks in them. I love how invested he is in my hobby!!!
  • I found the cutest booth selling handmade ceramic and glazed buttons, pins and magnets and fell down the rabbit hole! I spent a happy half an hour combing through baskets of cute designs and chatting with the owner and crafter, Candace. Honestly I could have left with her entire selection but I reigned myself in lol 😉 Candace also sells online at One of A Kind Buttons and has the same amazing selection online as she did at the show.
  • I scored a gorgeous braid of BFL fiber from the cute owner of Jorstad Creek in varying shades of green and have been spinning like a fiend on it all week.
  • Finally the big purchase. Over the last several months I sold my spinning wheels and saved the money to invest in a minispinner. I have been waffling though, wondering if I should bite the bullet and do this or wait and see if I still want to spin when we have a larger space. Well suffice it to say I came home with a minispinner of my own! I call her Harmony and I am in love, love, LOVE! My husband and I spent hours pouring over the instructions and youtube videos to get the tension just right and then I went to town. I have been lounging in my living room, watching shows with my lovely fella and spinning away. I often find myself going into a trance and forgetting the time. It is so relaxing and invigorating at the same time.img_2642



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