Episode 19: All the KAL/CAL’s


Review Notes

  • The ladies of “Keep Calm and Carry Yarn” are hosting a KAL/CAL pitching the knitters against the crocheters. Join the fun over on their Ravelry group.
    • from May 5 – Aug 10
    • Prizes
    • tag on IG with #teamifisitiknit and #teamcrochetallday
  • I want to thank all the podcasters who mentioned the sscal this past week. You guys are amazing and thank you for helping to bring the knitting, crocheting, and crafting world a little closer.
    • Sue from Betsymakes podcast
    • The Knotty Knit witts
    • Kim from Destined2knit
    • Steve and Callie from Dramatic Knits
    • Emily and Debra from Meanwhile at the Castle
    • Michelle from Actually Knitting (join in her PalCal)!
  • The prizes are stacking up for the sscal! we have so many now Let’s see if I can remember them all lol
    • OAK Skein from Kirby Wirby Knits
    • Project bag from Pearl and Plum
    • Mini Skein set from Dyabolical Yarn
    • Project bag from The Rusted Stitch
    • A Pattern from the delusional Knitter
    • 4 oz of hand Dyed wool from Dyed in the Wool
    • The walking through China Sock pattern from Benita Story
    • A lovely goodie bag full of yarn from Karen of Simply Stashless Podcast
    • A skein of Socks that Rock from Amy of the Hudson Valley Knits Podcast

Phew! that was a lot so let’s get striping folks!

Don’t forget to tag your projects on IG and Twitter with #sscal

I’ve also closed out the May Double Dip Kal/KAL KAL thread in the group. Winner was announced in the episode! #44 TriLinda (Linda from Pennsylvania)

The Giveaway in June is a cool set set of sock knitting needles 32″ circulars ranging from 000-size 8 US needles!

SSSSSSooooo I sprained my ankle last Thursday. It was all my fault. My husband and I had a misunderstanding and so I went off in only my flip flops to have an angry 2 mile walk and by the time I got home my foot was throbbing. By Friday morning I had a lovely purple bruise on the top of my foot and around the ankle area. So off to the doctors I went and sure enough I sprained it on my angry walk the night before.

I was laid up on the couch, or on the bed for 3 days because of it but did I get an amazing amount of knitting done? I don’t think so- I think I mostly mooped and felt sorry for myself and looked longingly out the window at the gorgeous weather that I was denied being a apart of.  My husband waited on my hand and foot (Ha! see what I did there?!) We hunkered down and watched movie after movie, then talked and took long naps. Honestly if I hadn’t been in pain then I would have called it a blissful weekend on the marriage homefront.

Since then I’ve been working like crazy and just returned from an overnight trip to the coast where I went to Tillamook, Neawanna, Seaside, Warrenton, and Astoria. I’ll admit I am a tad exhausted…I’m just grateful the weather was cool enough that I was able to bring my loyal companion, Watson, along for the ride. He makes everything an adventure!

Speaking of adventures…I signed up to join a local group for World Wide Knit in Public Day – only the forecast calls for storms and I am a chicken – I don’t want to sit in the middle of a park, getting my lovely project and wool all wet, and no one will even be there! However, I may just put on my big girl pants and trudge on down there, I would dearly love to meat some more local knitters and perhaps get a few video clips for the episode.

Case Notes

no case notes this episode!

In Session

Are you ready for this? I may have Caston-itus now that the SSACAL started lol.

  • Bendy Arrow by Charlotte Bory. I’m knitting it on a US size 6 needle using yarn from stash (gasp!) Wee Chickadee Woolery in the Windflower colorway and Malabrigo Sock in the 807 Cot D’Azure colorway. LOVE IT!!!!
  • I’ve Started my Breathing Space Sweater by Vera Valimaki and am using Madelintosh Tosh Merino Light in the Victorian Gothic as the main color and Hedgehog Fibers in the Monarch colorway as the contrast strip. Again, LOVE IT!!!
  • Currently Taking the Brioche Craftsy class and started the Basic Brioche Hat that is included with the class for my brother in law for Christmas. Knitting it in Berroco Vintage DK in color 2185
  • I also started knitting on a new pair of socks…surprise! I special ordered a skein from Kirby Wirby in the Whut in Tarnation colorway. It is awesome sauce!  I am knitting the Afterthought Everything Socks pattern allowing I want to do the heel as a rounded toe.
  • I continue to work on my Hermione’s Everyday Socks in the Happy Feet and Caryon Colorway. I got a little stalled on them when I accidentally ripped all the needles out one day. I have them back on but I still need to do some work to fix some of the stitches.

In my Toolbox

  • I checked out the LYS in Forest Grove, called the Knotty Lamb,  last week. man they are amazing, welcoming and perfect for sitting down and relaxing with a good knit and some friends. It wasn’t overly crowded with yarn and the selection was breath taking! So many I had not even heard of and yet so beautiful! If you’re in the area I highly recommend stopping by… while there I picked up a skein from Swift Yarns (an indie dyer I had not heard of) in the colorway Folklore. sigh I love this colorway so much!
  • I already mentioned the beautiful skin of self stripping I got from Kirbywirby …
  • I also received my order from Lavender Lune Yarn Co in the Trixie colorway again sighhhhhh so many skeins of yarn so little time…
  • Finally I received my swap package from the Romance readers Swap group on Ravelry. My swap partner sent me yarn from the UK (gasp!!!) Meshinda was lovely and sent me a skein of I Knit or Dye in the Shangri La base (I don’t believe they do colorway names. Along with that she sent me two books and some great smelling teas yum! Thanks Meshinda!

Well that’s all folks see you on episode 20!

Emily out.


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