Episode 20: Finding my Balance


Review Notes

The last few weeks have been challenging on many levels, professional, personally, mentally, and health. I have been working hard to gain control of my diabetes and some days I really succeed and others I fail, but I think the important lesson is that I continue to get back up and power through.

I’d like to say that I’m learning from my mistakes however, so far there are days that I know I should not eat that chocolate cookie (okay 3 of them) and yet I do it anyway. It’s a comfort thing I guess. When I am mentally and emotionally stressed I turn to food, like many of us do. Knowing that it harms my body does not seem to stop me.

I think of it like an addiction. We all have something in our lives that we are addicted to: food, drugs, alcohol, making others happy over our own happiness, etc. and having others tell us that it is not healthy for us and that we need to stop doing it and yet we do it anyway.

For me, I have come to realize that “addiction” will always be present in my life, but how I use that knowledge is in my control. What I am striving to do is find healthy things, food and activities, that will fill the void that the addiction has left. In other words, replace an unwanted addiction with a desirable “addiction.”

With this in mind I am striving to find a healthy balance in my life between exercise, mental rest, emotional grounding, and rejuvenation. So far it is a learning curve of vast proportions, I continue to fall down the curve, yet my falls are becoming shorter and shorter in duration and length. It’s like they say, for every two steps forward there is one step back. I am still making progress it is just slow.

Case Notes

Yet again I have no case notes, so instead I thought I would bring an old project out of hibernation and share it with you.

I knit my Annie Oakley Shawl back in 2012 out of Elisabeth Lavold Silky Wool DK weight. I was fairly knew to shawl knitting back then so there are a lot mistakes, and yet to this day this is the shawl I reach for first when the cool winds of winter come sneaking down my back. It is comfort personified.  I loved the pattern: Aestlight Shawl so much that I knit it again as a shop sample when I was dying yarn.

My second rendition of the shawl was done in my Denali Base in colorways Ottershanks and Sun Shiny Day. Project is Sunshine on the water same shawl, two different yarns and very beautiful outcomes each time:)

In Session

In My Toolbox

My husband and I attended Black Sheep Gathering this last weekend. It was such a wonderful day. My husband and I packed a lunch and set off on the adventure, stopping to have a picnic in the shade of a tree along the way.

By the time we got down to Eugene we only had enough time to visit the market place which made me a might sad as I wanted to visit with the sheep and goats but ahh well.

I had a marvelous time visiting with the different vendors attending and was even able to catch a few recordings for you!

It was rather strange though the market was oddly empty for a Saturday and a few of the vendors noted that it was the worst turnout they had seen in a few years. A few of them even wondered if they would return next year as their sales were so down. Is knitting, as a trend, on its way out I wonder? No matter to me, I will continue to knit to my hearts desire, however for many of the makers out there it may result in closing up shop ☹

But enough of that, here are the goodies that snuck into my basket for the drive home.

  • From Lanis Lana I picked up 1500 yards of her natural Rambouillet in fingering weight. This luscious yarn will be the main color for the Confetti sweater by Veera Välimäki  I have yet to choose the contrasting color but rest assured I will!
  • I picked up an amazing skein from Kimberly at Cat Mountain Fiber Arts. She came all the way from Colorado for the show! I lucked out and grabbed one of her lovely fusion skeins.
  • Lastly I couldn’t resist two kits from Willow Creek Farm of their potholder locker hook kits. I picked one out to do for my mother and my husband picked the other (teddy bear themed) for our house – the man does love the bears! 💘

Outside of the fiber festival I received two lovely packages in the mail.

  • One from my good Friend Simply Stashless who re-purposed a skirt she found thrift store shopping into a awesome sweater knitting size drawstring bag! I love it! She also sent along some of the yarn she found while thrifting to add to my enormous stash lol (I certainly don’t stash less like Karen does lol)
  • And last, but most certainly not least, the beautiful Rachel from Dyeabolical yarn sent us a mini skein set for the Summer Strip Along CAL! I’ve always been a huge fan of Rachels and I am excited to share this with you all!

Remember to join in the CAL, post your projects on the Summer Strip Along CAL group and you could win this lovely set of mini’s!!!!

And remember to knit what you love, and love what you knit.


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