Episode 22: Birthday Jammin’ Yo

https://youtu.be/8XQshokATYU   Admin Notes Just a reminder that the Summer Strip Along CAL is ongoing until August 31st. We have amazing prizes for completed objects! Go on over to the Ravelry Group and check out the prices and completed projects everyone is so talented!  Tag your projects with #ssacal on IG so we can encourage … Continue reading Episode 22: Birthday Jammin’ Yo


Episode 21: Socks are Back Baby!

https://youtu.be/b8DT5Z_Ro5E   Review Notes Well I took my vacation, and while I don't feel like I accomplished everything I had set out to do I still feel like so much was accomplished that I have no room for heartache for what was not done. I was able to have a lovely July 4th with my … Continue reading Episode 21: Socks are Back Baby!