Episode 21: Socks are Back Baby!


Review Notes

Well I took my vacation, and while I don’t feel like I accomplished everything I had set out to do I still feel like so much was accomplished that I have no room for heartache for what was not done.

I was able to have a lovely July 4th with my darling husband. We sat around talking for most of the day, either in the living room, or on the back deck. Then we bbq’d and watched the live stream of fireworks from Disney World. My husband is a Disney fanatic so he keeps close tabs on these things. I love how invested he is in something so joyous and freeing. Where else in the world can you allow the demands and responsibilities of the world trail away and just be you- weather that means releasing your inner child, your find your own joy in your surroundings nothing could be better I say. – Disney just needs to add a yarn shop to the grounds and I would never leave!

I was also able to meet up with a good friend to me and the podcast that’s right, our very own Hotpinksocks was in town visiting family and friends and she took time out of her extremely packed schedule to have dinner with me and Watson! The time just flew by! It is such an amazing gift, making a friend online and then meeting in person to find that they are ten times the amazing person you had always imagined them to be. Sigh life is great right?!

Then on a not so perky note, I want to take a moment and discuss Instagram (IG). I ade the desicion a few months back to make my profile public. The demographic of clients that I currently have gives me the freedom to do that without fear of reprisal. It has been wonderful! so many connections are being made that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do if I had not made it public and so that really excites me. What does not excite me is the fake and inappropriate accounts that keep friending me. Does anyone else have this problem? People friending you that have no affiliation with you, who are just looking to build their followers, and then there are the ones lately that are outright pornographic and they are not only friending me but attempting to communicate with me via private message! It honestly shocks me each time this happens, as Eliza Doolittle cries, “I’m a good girl I am!” I don’t want my precious IG space to be tainted by people forcing their body parts in my face! — Yes, yes, I have both blocked and reported them each time this has occurred but it is just the mere fact that it continues to occur!

With this in mind I have been contemplating a change in my IG account. I have been thinking of making my akamillie907 account private again and keep the focus there on more personal posts, and then make a new and public account for the podcast – where the focus will be solely on the podcast.  Thoughts? Advice?

Case Notes

  • Hermione’s Everyday Socks in the Happy Feet and Crayon Colorway. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but this last Friday I pulled them out and had the irresistible urge to work on them. Then before I knew it I was past the second heel and onto the foot and then by Saturday evening the toe was being bound off and finito! all done! I love, love, love them!


In Session

  • I’ve Started my Breathing Space Sweater by Vera Valimaki All over again with the yarn I dyed up while on my stay-cation and I am in love with it!!! My hand dyed purple tonal is is the main color and Hedgehog Fibers in the Monarch colorway as the contrast strip. Again, LOVE IT!!!
  • Bendy Arrow by Charlotte Bory. I’m knitting it on a US size 6 needle using yarn from stash (gasp!) Wee Chickadee Woolery in the Windflower colorway and Malabrigo Sock in the 807 Cot D’Azure colorway. LOVE IT!!!!
  • I got a good 20″ in on my Afterthought Everything Socks so I am happy with that progress. I figure I need to knit two strips a day in order to have it down by the next time I record. As a reminder I amusing a skein from Kirby Wirby in the Whut in Tarnation colorway.

In My Toolbox

So I have made a decision: I have so much gorgeous and scrumptious yarn and I keep buying new yarn and using the new stuff instead of what I already own. It saddens me so I have decided to go on a yarn diet. The diet is going so well around my no drinking mt. dew that I think I am up to the challenge of reducing my stash 🙂

While I am on that, I have decided to also knit from my pattern stash. I have been given so many patterns and bought so many in the past, that I feel overwhelmed with the awesomeness that is in front of me, and so again I knit things that come my way through the “hot right now” feed on Raverly not even looking through my library. 😦

So with that in mind, I have decided to spread out sharing my newest stash acquisitions over the next couple of episodes so that you will still have my Toolbox to look forward to. After that I think I will look back on my stash and call it “My oldies but goodies” and highlight some of those precious skeins and patterns I already own.

So this week I am sharing with you the swap package I received from GiddyHelen, who hosts the GiddyKnits podcast.

Helen sent me such a lovely package I sort of had a heart attack when I opened it up. I was so impatient that I opened it up in my car while sitting at the post office lol. So what did she send me?

  • A very coveted skein of Trailing Clouds Yarn in the “Mind the Gap” colorway. Helen tells me that this yarn was dyed up according the the London underground train stops, which each sport their own unique color code! so amazing!
  • She also included a skein from her brand new venture Giddy Knits Yarn!!!! Squeeee! it’s so freaking beautiful too! I can’t wait to break into the skein of loveliness. And don’t forget her shop opens in mid July!!!
  • Finally she sent me some delicious sweets from her neck of the woods, and some mini’s from her stash – she even labeled them 🙂 Thank you Helen!!!!

Remember to join in the CAL, post your projects on the Summer Strip Along CAL group and you could win this lovely set of mini’s!!!!

And remember to knit what you love, and love what you knit.


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