Episode 22: Birthday Jammin’ Yo


Admin Notes

Just a reminder that the Summer Strip Along CAL is ongoing until August 31st. We have amazing prizes for completed objects! Go on over to the Ravelry Group and check out the prices and completed projects everyone is so talented!  Tag your projects with #ssacal on IG so we can encourage you as you go along as well:)

Also I announce the winner of the Birthday giveaway on this episode so if entered into that thread on the AndersMill Ravelry group make sure and pay attention – you might just be a winner!

Review Notes

I had such a wonderful and productive two weeks!

A friend of ours has a hobby farm (as in he loves to grow things but does not know what to do with the fruits and veggies after they are grown) so he invited me over to pick blackberries to my hearts content. So I did!

I picked over 21 pounds of blackberries in about an hour and did not even come close to going through even a quarter of his blackberry patch!


It was such a beautiful day that I did not care I was getting sunburned I just wanted to be out there in this beautiful and peaceful space and let my cares and worries float away.

So what did I do with the berries I picked? Made blackberry jam of coarse!

Now I have never made jam on my own before and where I come from (Alaska) we do not have blackberries so I worried I would not know how to make the jam properly. But I spent the evening before researching recipes and advice from online and set to it the next day.


It was so fun…and so messy! lol but the jam turned out better then good, it is delicious!  I made 13 bottles of jam and have been giving them away to neighbors and friends. i believe I only have 5 left now lol 🙂

Case Notes

  • Okay so these are not completely done, but I did finish knitting the 26 inches of the tube. Now I just have to build up the nerve to cut the yarn to put in the heels and toes!  Afterthought Everything Socks  As a reminder I amusing a skein from Kirby Wirby in the Whut in Tarnation colorway.

In Session

  • I have been working like a fiend possessed with tmy sweater project the last two weeks and it shows! I am knitting the  Breathing Space Sweater by Vera Valimaki  with the yarn I dyed up while on my stay-cation and I am in love with it!!! My hand dyed purple tonal is is the main color and Hedgehog Fibers in the Monarch colorway as the contrast strip. Again, LOVE IT!!!


In my Toolbox

I can’t hold back any longer! When my good friend Stephanie was in town for the 4th of July we were able to meet up for dinner and knitting. She gave me the sweetest package of gifts it made my heart melt and I want to use everything right now so I have to share it with you:)

In the package was the following amazingness:

  • A handmade stitch marker by the ever talented Little Bitty Delights  I got the pop tart and let me just say it is so real that I almost took a bite out of it myself lol! (see it on the episode)
  • A really cool (an hot pink to boot) pair of mini scissors from Stunning String Studio (whom I love)
  • An awesome “Yarn is my therapy” tote (truer words were never spoken) 💖
  • And the piece de resistance: A skein of Kirby Wirby Yarn in the Granny Belle colorway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stand it anymore I have to cast this on!

Stephanie is so thoughtful, kind, and generous- I, and the podcast, are so lucky to count her as a deer friend love you!


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