100 Subscriber Giveaway!!!!!

We have over 100 subscribers to the podcast! Woohooo!

To celebrate let’s have another giveaway!

You may enter to win:
1) This beautiful bag from Pearl and Plum

2) This gorgeous skein of hand spun yarn – mystery base (merino??) I think there is about 400 yards in here as well.

To enter answer the following prompt:

What is one thing you like about the podcast? And what is one thing you would like to see improved on?


you may enter in two places giving you double the chances to win!

The Ravelry Group: AndersMill Knits Podcast

and below in the comments thread.

Good Luck to you all!


6 thoughts on “100 Subscriber Giveaway!!!!!

  1. marianne nelson says:

    Love your podcast. You seem so natural and I just love the way you laugh. I could learn a lot from you about how to carry myself even when things don’t always go right. No improvements needed.


  2. Anvita Sinha says:

    Hi Emily,
    I love your cheerfulness, the optimism that you exude in your podcast episodes, your ever-ready smile.
    Also, as i am also on the “bigger” side of the scale, I find a kindred spirit in you.
    And your honesty & happiness is very infectious! I feel very much “at home” when i watch each of your podcast episodes – and i have been doing this regularly since the first day that i came across your episode 1 on YouTube…

    To answer your “prompt” question, I love the cheerfulness / feel-good-factor / at-home contented feeling that i currently get when i watch each of your episodes as the atmosphere and the aura is just right for me. I also LOVE the concept of the double dip KALs that you so generously do, and I do hope that you will carry on with these.

    I did try and rack my brains to see what I would like for you/the podcast to improve upon, but it seems I am one satisfied individual! You have “nailed” the podcast recipe, so far as i am concerned, and I can assure you – you definitely have 1 committed viewer! Now, if only the international viewers could also win the physical prizes, it would be the ULTIMATE victory.

    Congratulations once again, and wishing you the best of luck always!


  3. Danielle Brown says:

    Love your podcast! I feel like we’re hanging out when I watch you. Glad I could enable you with my Instagram posts. 💜 Would love to meet you some day. 😀


  4. Terry says:

    Miss Em….. Mostly I love just seeing and listening to YOU!
    You really have made this like a day some years ago, I hold as a treasured memory.
    Here we are again, it seems, just chatting at the table!
    You put so much of yourself out there… So real and full of compassion, generosity and kindness.
    I really can’t see any needed improvements Emily!
    Just continue to be your wonderful self, sparkling up the world with that infectious smile!


  5. Kim says:

    Hi Emily! I’ve only just found your podcast so I don’t have much to say except that I really like your double dip knit along. I get to find new kals and participate in yours too!


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